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We See Ourselves...

and wonder why...

Beauty, So Often Unrequited
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MOVED!!! Go to mka_rhapsody please, see you there!

This community is a shelter for those who may or may not have an eating disorder, but those who don't seem to have a very healthy self-image. We are a source of encouragement, advice, and friendship. We also look upon Mary-Kate Olsen, in her thinnest days, as a source for inspiration. We are on a quest to make ourselves more beautiful, and ergo making it easier for us to accept ourselves.

~ Membership will be very closely monitored, so, please, NO bashing of any kind, NO judging other people, and please please please, keep the drama to a minimum. You will get banned, this is your warning.
~ DO NOT BOTHER TO APPLY if you tYpE lYkE dIs<3333333!
~ You must be at least 16 years of age to join.
~ Make all posts friends only, because of the type of community we are, we are prone to bashing from others, and we don't want our members to have to go through that.
~ Be active, supportive, and respectful.

I am your Mod, Angela, aka cagedbehindbars.

Love you girls.