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We See Ourselves... [entries|friends|calendar]
Beauty, So Often Unrequited

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[25 Jan 2005|09:24am]


does anyone know what designer mary kates dress is? i love it!
6 hesitations| I am beautiful

[24 Oct 2004|06:37pm]


Guys! Bevause of the lack of response to my last post, I am making a community decision on my own. I tried to have everyone participate, but no one took the opportunity, so as of right now, this community is closed.

It is too hard for me, not to mention illogical, to moderate two comms, that are almost exactly alike. I'de have to make the same post to both comms, and everyone part of the two comms will be getting double the amount they need of me, this cannot be, ;D.

So, you can still be a member of this comm, you don't have to leave the comm, and I might very well return to this later on, depending on how well rhapsody goes, but as of right now it will be a dead journal. As in no activity, but, feel free to join mka_rhapsody. See you there ladies!

I am beautiful

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